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An online degree specialization in business administration helps you develop the management, interpersonal, and professional skills you need to advance your career. Business Administration degree program is designed for students seeking to acquire a thorough grounding in basic business concepts and theories in order to create solutions to contemporary business problems. The student will acquire the skills needed to apply management, marketing, and accounting concepts to improve operational performance and aid decision making. It is suitable for students seeking to acquire a high level of knowledge from a broad base of business concepts to create solutions to contemporary business problems. Students will acquire the skills needed to integrate management, marketing, accounting, and finance concepts to develop strategies to improve short-, medium,- and long-term organizational performance.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration prepare a student for an entry-level career in business. This program provides the theoretical foundation for the student to successfully accomplish business objectives by the effective management of resources capital, human, physical, and intellectual. The program focuses on information as a resource and a manager’s role in collecting, analyzing, and presenting that information in the decision making process. Students are prepared to work in a variety of industries such as business, healthcare, hospitality, telecommunications, finance, government, education, or the not-for-profit sector.

There are many different areas in which business management degrees can be applied, making them ideal for those wishing to improve their career prospects or progress in the world of business and corporate management. Business administration is a key component in every business and industry, including government, education, health care, not-for-profit and military organizations.

Some of the core and specialization course contents taught in a Business Adminsitration degree covers typical topics like Business Research and Communications, Business Information Systems, Principles of Marketing,Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting, Virtual Team Collaboration, Principles of Macroeconomics, Principles of Microeconomics, Quantitative Methods,Management,Leadership in Organizations, Internet Marketing, Finance for Managers,Ethical Decision making for Business,Organizational Behavior,Fundamentals of Project Management,Entrepreneurship,eBusiness, Strategic Management, International Business, Customer Psychology and Marketing Research.

These provides the student with a well-rounded education through the study of mathematics, natural sciences, social science, marketing, economics, humanities, and oral and written communications and enable students to:

Develop analytical and critical thinking, and interpersonal skills applicable to real-world problems.

Demonstrate a foundation of business knowledge and technical skills that supports and facilitates lifelong professional development.

Use critical thinking and creative and logical analysis skills, strategies, and techniques to solve complex business problems.

Implement and apply current technical solutions to business activities, systems, and processes.

Apply sound management principles to the functions of planning, organizing, coordinating, and decision making to business operations.

An online master degree business management program can provide immediate management applications along with the knowledge and understanding of the critical skills necessary to analyze and solve various business problems. Master of Business Administration program provides an understanding of the theoretical, historical practices and current issues in business and industry; trains students in general research methods and to analyze and interpret research in the field; and explores the relationship between business and society and the global issues impacting the professions. Online MBA graduates are primed to become influential business leaders equipped with the ability to identify, analyze, and solve complex business administration and management problems.

Today’s fast-paced business world demands strong leadership and management skills together with technical competence, communication skills and the ability to contribute to bottom-line profitability. Business managers are charged with the responsibility of formulating the policies and direct the operations of the institutions for which they work.

A professionally focused education in business administration can help students develop the capabilities needed to assume positions of leadership and responsibility at all levels of management in our society.

Applied Management , Business Administration/ MBA , Business Information Systems , Business Leadership , eBusiness/eCommerce , Entrepreneur/Small business , Hotel & Hospitality Management , International Business , Business Management , Organizational Management/Leadership , Real Estate , Risk Management , Small Business Management , Sports Management , Public Policy/Administration , Non-Profit Management , Communication Arts , Construction Management , Manufacturing Industry , Restaurant/Culinary , Supply Chain Management, Project Management

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